Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Trying to be productive

Ut oh. It's back. By which I mean the evil demon the medical community likes to call depression. People use the word a little to casually these days. The worst way it affects me is the apathy. All the colours in the world become grey, seasoned depressives (hate that word too but have no other) will recognise it. It's hard to know whether to fight and pretend it isn't happening or surrender and trust it will lift. Historically it does lift - but with me often not for a few months, and I can't let everything slide for that long.

The worst thing about being Bipolar is not knowing which side of the pendulum is the real 'you' - did the manic posemaking a few weeks ago reflect my true abilities or is it just brain activity that needs to be beaten down with medication? All I know for sure right now is that all the stuff I've done up til now looks to me like someone else did it.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Work In Progress

I have a lot of things on the list:
  • Full perm furniture poses
  • Couples poses
  • More male poses
  • Tinies
  • Learn to do animations
Below are some shots of work in progress just to reassure everyone that it's being worked on.

Friday, 11 February 2011

My shop

I never ran a shop in Second Life, I did build some things, but never thought they were good enough to sell, and the expense of setting up was offputting. Then Inworldz came along and changed all that.

As a kid I liked to doodle ladies in various positions and randomly draw arms and legs so discovering posemaking was a revelation. If only you could make money in real life doing poses! I'd been dabbling with Qavimator in SL, but the upload costs were breaking me and anyway they already had Su Voir . In my opinion she is the best pose crafter out there and I can only aspire to reach her standard. There's definitely an art to making a convincing pose, and even photo referenced ones can look awful if you don't have the feel for it. Anyway, here's some of my work:

Jodee Mistwalker of dAlliez estates very kindly responded to my forum request for shop space, and then recently Raven Dulce actually sought me out and gave me space in Bellissima Square. Things have grown unbelievably fast in the last week or so. I've just done a revamp of the dAlliez shop. The before and after pics are below:

The topless guy in the picture is not my latest virtual hunk (who wants one of those?) but my pose-testing alt. His name is Drew and he is a hybrid of Brandon Lee and Trent Reznor. I will close this post now in order to drool privately.

The Avolution of Lydia Cremorne

Back in 2005 there was no Lydia Cremorne, but there was a Leigh Farina - note the misshapen head.

At this point I decided to try and mimic my real life shape, but then some random person in SL said I was fat, so I changed.

I am quite proud of the fact that she managed to look quite saucy without the benefit of a skin, it was all done with sliders. Around this time there was a massive security scare in SL and everyone had to answer security questions to get back in to SL, one of them was to name your friends. I couldn't remember the names so the Leigh account was locked and Lydia was born.

Then...some genius made a skin!

Vanity being half the fun of having an avatar, I was overjoyed when the photorealistic skins came in.

And then finally I found the right flexi hair and it was time to stop.

The above avatar is the way I wish I could look in real life. Occasionally I have alts, but generally speaking I have not deviated from the above style in years.