Friday, 11 February 2011

The Avolution of Lydia Cremorne

Back in 2005 there was no Lydia Cremorne, but there was a Leigh Farina - note the misshapen head.

At this point I decided to try and mimic my real life shape, but then some random person in SL said I was fat, so I changed.

I am quite proud of the fact that she managed to look quite saucy without the benefit of a skin, it was all done with sliders. Around this time there was a massive security scare in SL and everyone had to answer security questions to get back in to SL, one of them was to name your friends. I couldn't remember the names so the Leigh account was locked and Lydia was born.

Then...some genius made a skin!

Vanity being half the fun of having an avatar, I was overjoyed when the photorealistic skins came in.

And then finally I found the right flexi hair and it was time to stop.

The above avatar is the way I wish I could look in real life. Occasionally I have alts, but generally speaking I have not deviated from the above style in years.

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